21LC550 Flat-Top Crane

  • Reach: 262.5 ft
  • Jib-end load: 7 940 or 8 820 lb depending on the version + 10% with PowerLift
  • Maximum load: 44 090 or 55 120 lb, depending on the version

The 21LC550 crane is one of the leading references in the entire range of flat-top cranes, and has been used on some of COMANSA´s most iconic projects. With 44 090 and 55 120 lb versions, this crane was designed to work on large industrial, infrastructure and tall building projects.

The PowerLift system, which comes standard equipped on all COMANSA flat-top cranes, enables this model to move any load 10% further at slower speeds, if needed. This system is activated by the crane operator from the CUBE cab, which comes standard equipped and perfectly combines design, productivity and comfort.

The 21LC550 model can be assembled on 6, 8 or 10 metre folding cross bases, allowing for different tower combinations and free-standing heights. On sections of the same width, this crane can reach above 280 ft of free-standing height, and up to 363 ft with configurations that combine larger sections.

Technical features

  Maximum load Reach Jib-end load Technical
data sheet
Normal PowerLift
21LC550 20t 44 090 lb 262.5 ft 8 820 lb 9 700 lb
21LC550 25t 55 120 lb 262.5 ft 7 940 lb 8 730 lb


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