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Tower cranes for Construction
LINDEN COMANSA offers one of the widest ranges of modern Flat-Top and luffing-jib tower cranes in the world. Customers from the all continents have bought more than 16.000 LINDEN COMANSA cranes over nearly 50 years…
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Linden Comansa in Montreal’s New Champlain Bridge

Tower cranes in Barcelona: 89 metre-high... freestanding!

Productivity and comfort in Linden Comansa's new CUBE cab

Comansa CM adds new model to its luffer range

Linden Comansa unveils the design of its upcoming cab

Linden Comansa tower cranes at Real Betis stadium


A Linden Comansa tower crane at the Maszbud fair in Poland

Promotional video of the LCL700 luffing-jib tower crane

Linden Comansa’s new cab to be premiered at Vertikal Days

Linden Comansa, at the International Tower Crane Conference

Linden Comansa’s luffers win the Jackpot in Las Vegas

New LCL700 luffing-jib crane

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