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Linden Comansa (Construcciones Metálicas Comansa S.A.) is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tower cranes and luffing-jib cranes for construction. The company offers a complete range of products, designed under the Flat-Top modular system, and including the latest technology.

Linden Comansa’s catalogue is formed by 41 Flat-Top tower cranes and 12 luffing-jib cranes, with maximum load capacities from 4 to 64 tons. With such a complete range, Linden Comansa offers solutions to all type of construction works; residential, comercial, industrial, public works, infrastructures, mining, etc.

The company’s modern premises, which opened in 2005, allow agile manufacturing, reduced delivery times and very competitive prices.

Since the creation of the company in the decade of 1960, Linden Comansa has manufactured more than 16,000 cranes, and has dealers in more than 60 countries in the 5 continents..

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Between research and development, manufacturing, administration, sales and service, LINDEN COMANSA employs approximately 180 people.

After almost complete re-organisation of internal structures and procedures, in accordance with ISO9001, LINDEN COMANSA has already finalised all external audits, and has been granted ISO 9001 Approval with Registration No. ER-0808/1997. In recognition of the progress made in this field by LINDEN COMANSA, Dragados & Construcciones, the largest civil engineering and construction contractor in Spain, and one of the largest in Europe, recently awarded to LINDEN COMANSA their First Prize for Total Quality. It was the only such prize granted to a machinery supplier.

LINDEN COMANSA control systems are designed by the in-house research and development department and assembled in our own workshops, as practically all the mechanical components and the structure of the cranes. Safety cut-out and warning systems meet all European and American Standards. Switch-gear components used by LINDEN COMANSA include Télémécanique, ASEA, Siemens, Electromatic, etc. Slewing rings are supplied direct by Rothe-Erde.

Huge Transfer machines, CNC lathes and machining centres have replaced traditional machine tools in the LINDEN COMANSA workshops, to give higher productivity and precision in all machining processes.

The welding team is duly qualified and LINDEN COMANSA's welding systems and installations have been fully approved by the German "SLV" organisation, to the highest standards. Fully automatic "Robot" welding systems are currently being incorporated into the LINDEN COMANSA production lines.


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