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Linden Comansa keeps growing in Emirates (April 2018)

Linden Comansa, at the SC&RA annual conference (April 2018)

UK’s largest flat-top crane lands at Heathrow Airport (April 2018)

International award for Linden Comansa’s CUBE cab (March 2018)

The tower crane industry, to meet in Miami (March 2018)

Linden Comansa will be exhibiting at the Big 5 Heavy show in Dubai (March 2018)


- Our Denmark dealer celebrates 50 years (November 2017)
- Linden Comansa helps build Colombia’s largest hydroelectric power plant (November 2017)
- Linden Comansa at the IranConMin trade show in Tehran (November 2017)
- Linden Comansa in Montreal’s New Champlain Bridge (October 2017)
- Tower cranes in Barcelona: 89 metre-high... freestanding! (September 2017)
- Maximum productivity and comfort in Linden Comansa's new CUBE cab (August 2017)
- Comansa CM adds new model to its luffer range (July 2017)
- Linden Comansa unveils the design of its upcoming cab (May 2017)
- Linden Comansa tower cranes at Real Betis stadium (May 2017)
- A Linden Comansa tower crane at the Maszbud fair in Poland (May 2017)
- Promotional video of the LCL700 luffing-jib tower crane (April 2017)
- Linden Comansa’s new cab to be premiered at Vertikal Days (March 2017)
- Linden Comansa, at the International Tower Crane Conference (March 2017)
- Linden Comansa’s luffers win the Jackpot in Las Vegas (March 2017)
- New LCL700 luffing-jib crane (February 2017)
- Linden Comansa to exhibit the LCL310 crane at ConExpo (December 2016)
- Open days for French customers at Linden Comansa (December 2016)
- New CML190 luffing-jib crane by Comansa CM (November 2016)
- Linden Comansa cranes for the Santiago de Chile Metro (November 2016)
- Comansa CM to launch its first luffing-jib crane at Bauma China (October 2016)
- Comansa CM celebrates its 10th Anniversary (October 2016)
- Congress with Scandinavian customers in Malmö, Sweden (October 2016)
- Which new crane will Comansa CM show at Bauma China? (September 2016)
- Linden Comansa cranes at the new Atlético de Madrid stadium (September 2016)
- New flat-top tower cranes from Comansa CM (September 2016)
- Linden Comansa hooks up with a tall Swede (July 2016)
- Two Linden Comansa cranes at the Tegernsee lake, Germany (May 2016)
- Linden Comansa’s 21LC750, the tallest tower crane of Bauma 2016 (April 2016)
- The new 21LC450 tower crane impresses in Denmark and Iceland (April 2016)
- Linden Comansa will be at Algeria’s Batimatec trade show (March 2016)
- The 11LC160 crane exceeds expectations (March 2016)
- Three Linden Comansa cranes at Bauma 2016 (February 2016)
- Linden Comansa tower cranes at the Cadiz bay bridge (January 2016)
- New Linden Comansa 21LC450 Flat-Top crane (December 2015)
- Linden Comansa and BKL team up again for Bauma 2016 (December 2015)
- First 21LC335s from Linden Comansa are already working in Norway (November 2015)
- Comansa CM enters the Philippines with the best "mate" (October 2015)
- BKL adds two 11LC90 to its fleet (September 2015)
- Linden Comansa builds Thailand’s tallest skyscraper (August 2015)
- Eleven Comansa CM tower cranes at Wynn Palace casino in Macau (August 2015)
- Swiss dealer Jaquet celebrates its 340 Anniversary (yes, 340 years!) (July 2015)
- Three Linden Comansa tower cranes at Cambambe Dam - Angola (June 2015)
- Linden Comansa receives Corporate Social Responsibility certification (June 2015)
- A Linden Comansa 11LC160 at Vertikal Days (May 2015)
- Comansa JIE renames to Comansa CM (April 2015)
- Linden Comansa goes fishing (April 2015)
- New Linden Comansa dealer in Norway (February 2015)


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