LCL500 Luffing-Jib Crane

  • Reach: 213.3 ft
  • Jib-end load: 9 260 or 10 360 lb, depending on the version
  • Maximum load: 52 910 or 66 140 lb

With a large capacity and size, the LCL500 crane is easy to assemble thanks to the quick connections of its structural parts and the design of the luffing cable reeving system, which comes factory installed, thus meaning less time spent on assembly and dismantling.

The LCL500 comes in two versions with a maximum load of 52 910 or 66 140 lb, and a reach of 213.3 ft.

This crane has the same tower sections and hydraulic climbing cage as the LCL700, allowing customers who want both models to optimise their investment.

Thanks to mechanisms with frequency control, the LCL500 has smooth movements that help the crane operator maintain full control of the load. Moreover, it can work at ultra slow speeds to position the load with total precision in any location.

Technical features

  Maximum load Reach Jib-end load Technical data sheet
LCL500 24t 52 910 lb 213.3 ft 10 360 lb
LCL500 30t 66 140 lb 213.3 ft 9 260 lb


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