LCL190 Luffing-Jib Crane

  • Reach: 196.9 ft
  • Jib-end load: 3 420 lb
  • Maximum load: 26 460 or 39 680 lb

The LCL190 luffing-jib crane is designed with the hoist mechanism located at the front, next to the cab, while the luffing mechanism with its additional emergency brake and the electrical cabinet are located on the counter-jib. This innovative design enables:

  • Easy assembly thanks to the lightweight parts
  • A smaller counter-jib slewing radius
  • Optimal space for mechanism service and maintenance work to be carried out.

Moreover, both the hoist and luffing cables come with the reevings factory installed, drastically speeding up the assembly process.

The LCL190 model comes in two versions with a maximum load of 26 460 or 39 680 lb and reach of 98.4 to 196.9 ft.

Technical features

  Maximum load Reach Jib-end load Technical data sheet
LCL190 12t 26 460 lb 196.9 ft 3 420 lb
LCL190 18t 39 680 lb 196.9 ft 3 420 lb


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